Zeal is like a determined image of relentless flying in the confident eyes of an infancy bird. You can bind it for a moment but certainly it can never be tied into shackles for a lifetime.

Physical education is a part of general education and it is an education to prepare the student to be healthy and robust. Generally we imagine that physical education is meant only for developing the person’s physique i.e. perfect shape of the body. But the physical education is much beyond this. It is meant to develop knowledge of an individual to develop the physical wellbeing and prevent physical diseases as well as mental problems and maintain a good personality. It can help to cut unwanted fat and make the body sculpt. It also deals with exercises to prevent many mental problems like stress, anxiety, anger etc., through the knowledge of Yoga. The motto of physical education is to inculcate this all people and create a disease free nation.

Regular exercise is a critical part of staying healthy. People who are active live longer and feel better. Physical Activity helps you to maintain good health; physically fit and mentally healthy. Physical activity becomes an outlet for releasing tension and anxiety, and facilitates emotional stability. In order to develop integrated personality among students, the College provides facilities for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities such as sports and games.

Physical Education Department at SJEC is well established with all sports and games amenities. A green sports ground encompasses a 200 m athletic track, football, hockey, and cricket fields. A separate facility for handball, throw ball, and volleyball is also set up. A beautiful basketball court is situated on the quadrangle which is one of the centers of attraction in our College. Four shuttle badminton courts are maintained for both men and women.

A well-equipped multi-gymnasium facility is available for both men and women in their respective hostels. St.Mary’s Group of Institutions Guntur also has indoor facilities such as, table tennis, carom, chess etc.

With strong focus on inculcating good sportsmanship spirit and discipline, we conduct regular training and practice sessions on various sports and games. Our students have been able to showcase consistent performance in various University / National Level meets and we are very proud of their achievements.