Aims of NSS Activities:


  • Awareness on Environmental Protection:

In present scenario environmental damages is causing loss to the national economy in billions in the form of deforestation and soil erosion only. On the other hand water air and noise pollution are causing havoc to the health of the nationals. In spite of govt. policies and number of laws, nothing concrete has been done at the individual level to fight the environmental pollution. The role of N.S.S. becomes very important in

this context as constitution of India also envisages that it is fundamental duty of every citizen to protect and improve the natural environment [Art. 51A (g)].NSS activities will create awareness on protection of environment.

  • Health Awareness Programme:

Progress and development of a nation depends upon the health of its nationals. Every year thousands of mothers and infants die due to lack of post natal care facilities. Even during pregnancy women are not provided with healthy and nutritious food. Overall general health of Indian

nationals is very-very poor as they cannot afford even the minimum calorie intake required.The aim of NSS is to provide necessary basic information and awareness on health related concepts.


  • Literacy Programme: The constitutions of India provides for the right to education (Article 21), the right to free and compulsory education to all children upto 14 years is also now guaranteed as a fundamental right under Art. 21 A of the constitution (constitution 86 th Amendment Act, 2001). But without making right to education a reality the fundamental rights guaranteed under the constitution shall remain beyond the reach of large majority which is illiterate. N.S.S. volunteers are required to take up number of activities for the eradication of illiteracy such as adult education, non formal education, and women literacy programmes etc.
  • Community Development:

Other intervention areas for the N.S.S. activities are sustainable development, rural reconstruction, watershed management and wasteland development. N.S.S. volunteers are required to take steps to develop community assets infrastructure and preserve natural resources of the country.

  • Student Development:

The motto of NSS is to develop the community by educating the society along with that student personal development. One of the objectives of NSS is uphold personal growth of students through involvement in community development.