The Purpose of organized physical education, sports and games activities is to create an environment that stimulates selected movement experiences resulting in desirable responses that contribute to the optimal development of the individual's potentialities in all the phases of life.


The Golden Rule/Philosophy

Physical Education is an integral part of the total education program. It is that phase of education which provides an opportunity, through activity, for physical, mental and social development, and improvement of the individual to meet the challenge of life. Mendez students will develop an appreciation and value for physical education that enhances the quality of life of the total individual and motivates them to respect and appreciate a healthy body and mind.

  • Guidelines for Success
    • Regular and punctual attendance.
    • Dress and participate daily.
    • Follow directions, be cooperative, exhibit good (Mendez Scholar) behavior.
    • Complete all assigned class work, homework, and projects in a professional manner.
    • Treat other people and class equipment with care and respect.
    • Do your BEST no matter what the task; smile, laugh, encourage self and others.