Program Specific Outcomes

PSO 1: Apply the fundamentals of mathematics, science and engineering knowledge to identify, formulate, design and investigate complex engineering problems of electric circuits, analog and digital electronics circuits, control systems, electrical machines and Power system. 

PSO 2: Apply the appropriate techniques and modern engineering hardware and software tools in electrical engineering to engage in life-long learning and to successfully adapt in multi-disciplinary environments.

PSO 3: Aware of the impact of professional engineering solutions in societal, environmental context, professional ethics and be able to communicate effectively. Ability to identify and analyze the problems related to biological fields and finding suitable solutions through application of knowledge and research in biotechnology Engineering. To design solutions for environment, industry and agricultural problems with appropriate biotechnological techniques. 

CSE – PSO’s The Computer Science and Engineering graduates are able to analyze, design, develop, test and apply management principles, mathematical foundations in the development of computational solutions, make them to expert in designing the computer software and hardware. Develop their skills to solve problems in the broad area of programming concepts and appraise environmental and social issues with ethics and manage different projects in inter-disciplinary field. 

ECE – PSO’s Electronics and Communication Engineering graduates will be able to : Design, implement and test Electronics and Communication systems using analytical knowledge and applying modern hardware and software tools Develop their skills to solve problems and assess social, environmental issues with ethics and manage different projects in multidisciplinary areas. 

EEE – PSO’s Analyze, Design and simulate diverse problems associated in the field of Electrical, Electronics and computer based system. Ability to apply technological developments in field of Electrical & Electronics Engineering in Societal and environmental Context and Communicate effectively both individually and in multidisciplinary teams. 

Civil – PSO’s Capable of designing and building civil engineering-based systems in the context of environmental, economical, and societal requirements and serve the community as ethical and responsible professionals. Able to use knowledge in various domains in Civil Engineering to identify research gaps and hence to provide solutions, innovations and engage in lifelong learning for professional growth. Mech PSO’s An ability to identify, analyze and solve engineering problems relating to mechanical systems together with allied engineering streams. An ability to build the nation, by imparting technological inputs and managerial skills to become Technocrats and Entrepreneurs, build the attitude of developing new concepts on emerging fields and pursuing advanced education.