Women Welfare Sexual Harassment Eradication Cell

The Roles and Responsibilities:

Coordinator responsibilities:

  1. Student counseling services.
  2. Solving problems of girl students.
  3. Provision of opportunities and programs for female gender to be mentally and emotionally empowered as to promote their growth as individuals in their own right.
  4. Identifying resource person for the events to be conducted.
  5. Monitoring various facilities allotted to the girl students.


Member responsibilities:

  1. Event management
  2. Circulation of information
  3. Budget planning
  4. Conduct various competitions to encourage their artistic talents for creative thinking


Student responsibilities:

  1. Coordinate the student members.
  2. Collect feedback from students for various events.

Faculty Members:

S.NO Faculty Name Designation Department Position Held
1 Mrs.Sd.Farzana Asst.Professor CSE Coordinator
2 Mr.P.Lakshmi Kartik Asst.Professor ECE Member
3 Mr.P.Raja Sekhar Asst.Professor ME Member
4 M.V.Suhasini Asst.Professor CE Member
5 V Satya Priya Asst.Professor S&H Member
6 S.Sankeerthi Asst.Professor MBA/MCA Member
7 K.Naga Rani Asst.Professor Pharmacy Member

Student Members:

S.No. Name of the Student Roll Number Department Position Held
1 S.Lakshmi Priyanka 16BJ1R0070 Pharmacy(II Y) Student Member
2 T.S.L.R Prassanna 16BJ1A0184 CIVIL(II Y) Student Member
3 A.Naga Sravani 16BJ1A0201 EEE(II Y) Student Member
4 Ch.Naga Pushpa 16BJ1F0030 MCA(IIY) Student Member
5 M.Bhargavi 15BJ1A0301 ME(III Y) Student Member
6 J.B.L Prasanna 16BJ1A0501 CSE(II Y) Student Member
7 T.triveni 16BJ1A0479 ECE(II Y) Student Member
8 Orsu Hamavathi 16BJ1E00F0 MBA(II Y) Student Member