Monday, June 20, 2022




Creation of the Cell

The institute has established a Women Empowerment Cell to create awareness on women‟s rights to ensure that the protection of women staff and students to make the campus a safe and secure zone. With an aim of creating awareness of their rights and duties, the cell organizes and participates in seminars, workshops and also takes up women‟s issues and problems. It also provides a platform for women to share their experiences and views regarding their status in the society and to suggest ways to develop and empower themselves.


 To promote a culture of respect and empathy for female gender.  To create awareness on guidelines of Supreme Court with respect to gender discrimination and sexual harassment at workplace.  To help women in obtaining financial support by identifying the sources and inculcate entrepreneurial attitude among female staff and students so that they can be „Employers‟ rather remain as „Employees‟.  To educate women on the importance of good health and nutrition.  To motivate the women and girls towards self-protection and raise voice against all kinds of discrimination.  To work in coordination with local SHE teams for ensuring safety of women. Selection procedures The female faculty and students give their choices for acting as coordinators in the Women Empowerment Cell. Based on the choices given, the Institute‟s Executive Council will select the coordinators from each department and constitute the cell.

Roles and Responsibilities 

The roles and responsibilities listed here are only indicative, but not exhaustive. The IQAC Team reserves rights to Edit/ Append / Delete any part or all of these roles and responsibilities from time to time and as required for compliance with the IQAC criteria] 

  • Follow the mandatory guidelines and directions of the JNTUK University, regarding the implementation of safety and security standards for girl students and women staff of the institution.
  •  Plan, organize and conduct programmes concerning women welfare.
  •  Organize health awareness camps, celebrate National / International days such as Women‟s Day, Mother‟s Day, etc. 
  • Organize Awareness Talks / Workshops for women on different aspects of gender amity. 
  • Identify possible entrepreneurial opportunities for girl students and sources of financing. 
  • Addresses all matters pertaining to women in the workplace.
  • Admit complaints from female students / employees on harassment, assault, misbehaviors and/or discrimination in the classroom / workplace by other students and/or staff.