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Creation of the Committee This Committee is formed to ensure convenience in travelling for students and faculty. The transportation service operates on all working days, at fixed timings from various places predefined to be operated from.

  • Objectives
  •  To coordinate various bus routes regularly with the assistance of route-in-charges.

  • To supervise and manage the daily transport operations and provide required instructions to the route-in-charges.
  •  To inspect the condition of the buses and report for necessary action on a continuous basis.
    Selection Procedure The faculty and students gives their choice for acting as coordinators in the Committee. Based on the choices given, the Institute‟s Executive Council will select the coordinators from each department and constitute the Committee. Roles and
  • Responsibilities [The roles and responsibilities listed here are only indicative, but not exhaustive. The IQAC Team reserves rights to Edit/ Append / Delete any part or all of these roles and responsibilities from time to time and as required for compliance with the IQAC criteria]
  •  Co-ordinate the Educational Trips and field visits conducted by different Departments / Associations.
  • Provide transportation service to students, teachers and the Departments after proper assessment of the requisition and ensure optimum use of transportation facility.
  • Coordinate various routes regularly with the assistance of route-in-charges.
  •  Supervise the daily transport operations and provide required instructions to the route-in-charges.
     Inspect the condition of the buses and report for necessary action on a continuous basis.
  • Periodically checking the validity and expiration of documents of the transportation services used by the Institute.
  •  Allocation of service to a particular driver and in the event of the driver‟s absence a suitable alternative must be arranged immediately.
  •  All the services must be kept in excellent running condition and cleanliness must be ensured. Ensure to place a mechanism for the check up of the vehicles at regular and frequent intervals.
  • Ensure that drivers stick to speed governors provided in the vehicles giving top most priority to safe driving.
  •  Any breakdown of a bus enroot to college or return, drivers should immediately inform the Transport In charge. In the event of such occurrences, the students travelling in such vehicle must be adjusted by other transport means.
  • Ensure that the drivers should stick to the route allotted to them do not deviate. However, in exigencies, they can seek approval of Transport In charge duly informing him/her the situation faced by them.
    SMGG Committees:
  • Draft-3
    Page 57 of 79
  • Drivers should cooperate with Transport Department officials whenever they are asked for and they should present all the requisite permissions / approvals / licenses, etc.
  •  Ensure that the drivers wear only the prescribed uniform during their duty hours.
  •  Ensure that drivers allow the students to travel only if they have valid transportation pass issued by the college.
  •  Ensure that the drivers conduct with students is in a decent and in pleasing manner.
  •  Transport In charge should ensure that all buses are having proper permissions / approvals / insurance. Expiry of any of the requisite must be informed to Administrative Officer at least one week ahead of the lapse.
  • Ensure that the drivers verify tyre pressure, battery condition, diesel level; availability of step-in tyre, etc., and a daily check up of all these.
  •  Ensure to intimate the tussle between students by duly stopping the bus immediately, to the administrative authorities.
  • Maintain the records, and files of the Study Visits/ Educational Trips conducted and submit the same to the IQAC Committee.