Creation of Committee
The Student Welfare Committee is formed to help a student‟s educational process to assist in
enhancing his/her academic performance as well as personality. It target at avoiding the
hindrances that may come in the path of a student‟s learning process so that they can be
qualified professionally upon the national and international levels. This Committee complies
with the policies set by the University in order to facilitate a positive academic environment
to the students and help them to proceed in their career with minimal obstruction. During
the stay of a student in the campus, this Committee is responsible for solving all the student‟s
Student welfare Committee works on some basic functions for the welfare of a student which includes the following:
Selection procedure
The students give their choice for acting as coordinators in the student welfare Committee.
Based on the choices given, the Institute‟s Executive Council will select the coordinators from
each department and constitute the Committee.

Roles and Responsibilities
[The roles and responsibilities listed here are only indicative, but not exhaustive. The IQAC Team
reserves rights to Edit / Append / Delete any part or all of these roles and responsibilities from time to
time and as required for compliance with the IQAC criteria]

  • Ensure to implement mechanisms to develop student-teacher relationship bonding.
  • Pay attention to the students‟ issues and take measures for their development in all possible manners.
  • Assist students in their learning process by supplementing theoretical delivery with practical / hands-on exposure.
  • Collect feedback from students on a regular basis regarding different areas of curriculum and resolving the issues with no or little efforts from the students.
  • Flourish relationship with parents and organizing meetings for them and addressing the issues guardians and resolving them to whatever the needs are.
  • Organize special coaching/remedial sessions for slow learners. [Not every child understands in the same manner, the Committee therefore must ensure that those who could not understand the topics shall be taught in a friendly and empathetic manner.]
  • Conduct periodic meetings to converse on student welfare. An institute must adopt to a culture of being „Friendly Campus‟.
  • Manage the needs for extracurricular activities and plan to arrange activities like music, sports, etc. for students.
  • Maintain the records and file all the activities conducted and submit the same to the IQAC Committee