Monday, June 20, 2022


Responsibilities of Social Welfare BC, SC, ST Cell:

  1. Disseminating the information regarding various academic programs on the campus and from other colleges/universities.
  2. Imparting interview, debating, group discussion and presentation skills to the students.
  3. Conducting the training programs in collaboration with industries, recruiting agencies etc.
  4. Preparing the students for entrepreneurship.
  5. Developing the all-round personality of the students.
  6. Improving the communication skills, GK, IQ, EQ of the students.
  7. Assisting the students in drafting, preparation of CVs, etc.
  8. Creating a sense of community service through participation.
  9. Inculcating positive thinking for physical and mental health.
  10. Providing conductive atmosphere to strengthen teaching-learning process, student-teacher relationship, peer group relationship, etc.
  11. Coordinating the programs of Coaching Center for Minorities, Center for Women’s Studies, BC, SC & ST Cell, Yoga Center, Health Center and Sports Board.

Faculty Members:

S.No Name of the Staff Designation Department Position Held
1 Mr. Ch. Srinivas Kumar Dean, Academics ECE Co-Ordinator
2 Mr.M.G.V.N.Rao Manager Admin Member
3 Mr.P. Bhanu Chand Asst.Professor CSE Member
4 Mr.B.Srinu Naik Asst.Professor ECE Member
5 Mr.D.Sekhar Babu Asst.Professor EEE Member
6 Mr.G.Sudhakar Asst.Professor ME Member
7 Ms. Ch Swathi Asst.Professor CE Member
8 Dr.A.Rupesh Kumar Asst.Professor S&H Member
9 M.Bhagya Raju Asst.Professor MBA Member
10 Mr.B.Praveen Asst.Professor Pharmacy Member

Student Members:

S.No. Name of the Student Roll Number Department Position Held
1 K.Naveen 16BJ1F0013 MCA Student Member
2 Kosuri Bhavani 16BJ1E00A5 MBA Student Member
3 B.Rama Krishna 14BJ1A0318 MECH Student Member
4 Suvarna Raju 14BJ1A0143 CIVIL Student Member
5 SD.Asif 15BJ1A0458 ECE Student Member
6 S.Sirisha 15BJ1A0568 CSE Student Member
7 I.Neelima 14BJ1R0027 Pharmacy Student Member
8 S Ramesh Naik 15BJ5A0213 EEE Student Member