R&D Cell

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Encourage all faculty and students participants to various research activities i.e. publications and participation of seminars and conferences.
  2. Necessary equipment/tools for each department should be identified and procured as per the norms of the institution.
  3. Preferences will be given to project proposals that have potential to lead to an entrepreneurship or national importance.
  4. Coordinator and faculty members shall prepare the annual budget for cell.
  5. Coordinator and committee charge regulate various research activities in the college
  6. Student members are encouraging the class members for various research and report to the committee on regular basis.
  7. Member from department shall look after and monitoring issues and review all cases and will act accordingly as per the Management policy
  8. One cell in-charge and faculty member from department schedules the seminar with industrial experts on latest trends

Staff Members:

S.No Name of the Staff Designation Department Position Held
1 Dr.P.Venkateswararo Principal Pharmacy Coordinator
2 Dr.B.R.Srinivas Professor S&H Member
3 Mr.P.Sunil Kumar Asst.Professor, HOD EEE Member
4 Mr. Subhani Shaik Assoc.Professor, HOD CSE Member
5 Mr.P.Rajesh Asst.Professor, HOD CE Member
6 Mr.G.Rajeswararao Asst.Professor ME Member
7 Ms. A Siva Naga Divya Asst.Professor MBA Member
8 Mr.G.Ashok Asst.Professor ECE Member

Student Members:

S.No Name of the Student Roll No Department Position Held
1 Ch.Venkata Guru 14BJ1R0041 Pharmacy Student Member
2 GERA VIKRAM 14BJ1A0213 EEE Student Member
3 M.Revanth 14BJ1A0557 CSE Student Member
4 D.SriSowthi 14BJ1A0102 CE Student Member
5 D.Avanish 14BJ1A0327 ME Student Member
6 A.Bhavani 15BJ1F0001 MCA/MBA Student Member
7 T.Bhavitha 14BJ1A04B3 ECE Student Member