Monday, June 20, 2022

Public relation, Press & Media Cell

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Answering enquiries from the press or other media representatives
  • Writing press releases and news reports about the work of our college
  • Developing media contacts
  • Monitoring media coverage
  • Writing letters
  • Preparing media evaluation reports
  • Attending press conferences and media interviews
  • Booking rooms for meetings
  • Attending public committee meetings as a representative of the college.
  • Informing members of the public (as well as the press) about events and initiatives
  • Accompanying staff on visits
  • Leading a team to organize media events and promotional activities
  • Generating ideas to gain more media coverage

Faculty Members:

S.No Name Designation Department Position
1 Dr.S.GoverdhanaRao Professor, HOD S&H Co-Ordinator
2 Mrs.M Himabindu Asst.Professor T&P Member
3 Mr.A.Shiva Shankar Asst.Professor CSE Member
4 Mr.Ch. Ravi Babu Asst.Professor ECE Member
5 Mr.K. Ramu Asst.Professor EEE Member
6 Mr.N.Sitaramaiah Asst.Professor ME Member
7 Mrs. V Tejasree Asst.Professor CE Member
8 Mr.G.Pavan Kumar Asst.Professor S&H Member
9 Mr.S.Sankeerthi Asst.Professor MCA Member
10 Mrs. Nagarani Asst.Professor Pharmacy Member