Monday, June 20, 2022



Creation of the Committee
As part of JNTUK University curriculum, a student is required to undertake a research
oriented project in their final year of study for all programmes. Upon completion of Final
year project, student should be able to identify and describe the problem and scope of project
clearly; collect, analyze and present data into meaningful information using relevant tools;
select, plan and execute a proper methodology in problem solving; work independently and
ethically ; present the results in written and oral format effectively.

  • To provide information to the students on University guidelines for project work.
  • To monitor and review the students‟ project work.
  • To allocate research/project supervisor to the student and ensure to assist them in doing quality research work.
  • To liaison with other Committees of the institution to source quality research topics for students projects and obtain project permissions from good companies.

Selection procedures
The faculty and students gives their choice for acting as coordinators in the Committee.
Based on the choices given, the Institute‟s Executive Council will select the coordinators from
each department and constitute the Committee.
Roles and Responsibilities
[The roles and responsibilities listed here are only indicative, but not exhaustive. The IQAC Team
reserves rights to Edit/ Append / Delete any part or all of these roles and responsibilities from time to
time and as required for compliance with the IQAC criteria]

  • Collection of data on student specializations.
  • Collection of faculty data including their specializations.
  • Preparation of database for projects.
  • Identification of project titles.
  • Allotment of project guides.
  • Conducting training sessions to students.
  • Preparation of project seminar schedule and ensuring the conduct as per the schedule.
  • Preparation of attendance sheets and evaluation sheets for projects seminars.
  • Information to students on project seminars and university notifications related to project work.
  • Display of project seminar marks at appropriate notice boards.
  • Collection of manuscripts of projects.
  • Verification of project documentations by Plagiarism tests.
  • Collecting the final versions of projects.
  • Submission of list of projects to the department concerned.
  • Dispatch of hardbound copies to the university.
  • Conduct of project external viva-voce.
  • Liaison with the external examiner and submission of marks awarded by him/her to the University and /or online entry in the University‟s portal.
  • Maintain the records and file all the activities conducted and submit the same to the IQAC Committee.