Monday, June 20, 2022


The following are the revised members OF Ombudsman & Grievance  Committee.

The freshers and other students are requested to note the names and the phone numbers of the following .

they are at liberty to ring up and communicate at any time if they notices any type of issues in and around the campus for clarification or resolution.

Sl.No Name of committee member Position Contact Number
1 Dr.B.Penchalaiah Chairman 9030235630
2 Mr.Y.Raghava Secretary 9666777091
3 Mr.Ch.Ravi Babu Ombudsman 7207456895
4 Dr.B.R.srinivas Member 9291457218
5 Mr. A Rupesh Kumar Member 9291469490
6 Mr. Subhani Shaik Member 9866520786

The above said committee will continue its duties till further orders.