M.Pharmacy Program Outcomes

M.Pharmacy PO’s

PO1. Pharmaceutical Sciences knowledge:Apply the knowledge of mathematics, science,pharmaceuticalfundamentals, and a Pharmacyspecialization to thesolution of complex Pharmaceuticalproblems.
PO1:Physicochemical properties of Formulations:The knowledge of importance of physical properties of the different pharmaceutical ingredients and the factors influencing them is very valuable for pharmaceutical dosage form design.
PO2:Unit Operations:Pharm. Engineering renders knowledge about the basic unit operations that are taking place in pharmaceutical industry and the different factors associated with it. This information is useful for both pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical engineering.
PO3:Entrepreneurship:The knowledge on different pharmaceutical dosage forms are imparted on students. This knowledge comes while handling a pharmacy or a manufacturing unit or in the further courses.
PO4: Design/Development of solutions: The information on solid dosage forms like tablets and capsules, their formulation and quality control serves as an important perquisite for dosage form design.
PO5:Application oriented Knowledge:The knowledge of biopharmaceutics enables the students to visualize the effect of pharmacokinetic (ADMET)parameters on the biological effect of the drug. The correlation of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics is thus introduced and is experimentally explained to them.
PO6:Environment and Sustainability: Enable extension of pharmaceutical dosage forms, and enables the students to learn about different packaging materials used in pharmaceutical industry and the factors governing their use.
PO7: Conduct investigations of complex problems: To understand biopharmaceutical principles and pharmacokinetic principles through different compartment models, multiple dosage regimens, non-linear pharmacokinetics, and assessment of bioavailability and bioequivalence.
PO8. Effective Citizenship:Demonstrate empathetic social concern and equitycentered national development, and the ability to act with an informedawareness of issues and participate in civic life through volunteering.

PO9. Ethics:Recognize different value systems including your own, understandthe moral dimensions of your decisions, and accept responsibility forthem.

PO10.Environment and Sustainability:Understand the issues of environmentalcontexts and sustainable development.

PO11. Self-directed and Life-long Learning:Acquire the ability to engage inindependent and life-long learning in the broadest context socio-technologicalchang

M.Pharmacy PSO’s

PSO1 To impart knowledge and skills on criteria for selection of drugs, dose calculations, dose adjustments by applying biopharmaceutics theories, pharmacokinetic and bioequivalence models which gives technical skill knowledge in In-vitro and In-vivo studies using computer simulations, population modeling’s, potential clinical pharmacokinetic and problem analysis, selection of polymers and various preformulation elements, pilot plant scale up techniques, industrial management, GMP considerations, stability testing, sterilization, formulation, evaluation and packaging of dosage forms in the manufacture of novel drug delivery systems.
PSO2 To create a talent pool by involving students in research projects and to make students to undertake research projects under faculty guidance for publication. Also to foster ambitious desire among students to undertake higher studies, career growth and life-long learning.