Library Committee

The Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Monitoring the allocation of funds to procure books, journals and magazines and subscription to e-journals.
  2. Procurement of books as prescribed in the university syllabus.
  3. Subscription of journals and magazines and renewals.
  4. Acquiring e-learning resources for enhanced learning.
  5. Supervising proper utilization of library resources.
  6. Defining roles and responsibilities of members
  7. Motivate Library staff to give better service to the Library users

Faculty Members:

S.No Faculty Name Designation Department Category
1 Mr. B. D. V. D. Prasad Librarian Library Co-ordinator
2 Mr.D.Subba Rao Assistant Prof. ECE Member
3 J.Santhi Kanaka Durga Assistant Prof. EEE Member
4 Mr.K Ashok Assistant Prof. ME Member
5 A.V.Anjani Devi Assistant Prof. CE Member
6 T.Sujana Sree Assistant Prof. S&H Member
7 A Siva Naga Divya Assistant Prof. MBA/MCA Member
8 K.Tejaswi Assistant Prof. Pharmacy Member
9 Ms.T.Nagini Assistant Prof. CSE Member

Student Members:

S.No. Name of the Student Roll Number Department Position Held
1 Swarna Latha 14BJ1A0163 CE Student Member
2 D Lakshmi Sindhuja 14BJ1A0213 EEE Student Member
3 K.Rakesh 15BJ1A0390 ME Student Member
4 K Mounika 16BJ1R0026 Pharmacy Student Member
5 T.Siva Jyothi 15BJ1A0459 ECE Student Member
6 B.S.N Pavan Kumar 14BJ1A0523 CSE Student Member
7 Jetti Sambasiva Rao 16BJ1F0016 MBA Student Member
8 R.V.R Sireesha 15BJ1F0039 MCA Student Member