Monday, June 20, 2022


Role and responsibilities:

  • Make recommendations to the Board on any issues affecting policy and procedure which relate to the College’s training, assessment and CEP programs
  • Document an annual strategic education and training plan for the Board.
  • Report to the Board on progress and outcomes of the outcomes of the annual strategic education and training plan
  • Evaluating the Fellowship Training Program and conduct benchmarking activities nationally and internationally
  • Facilitate provision and dissemination of appropriate information to constituent groups of the College community
  • Request and obtain information relevant to College’s education and training affairs from any committee, or officer of the College

 Faculty Members:

S.No Name of the staff Designation Department Position Held
1 M.Hima Bindu Training & Placement Officer Admin Co-Ordinator
2 Dr.S.Goverdhana Rao Professor, HOD S&H Member
3 G. Naganjaneyulu Asst.Professor ECE Member
4 B.Suresh Kumar Asst.Professor EEE Member
5 N Sitaramaiah Asst.Professor ME Member
6 J Gopinath Asst.Professor CE Member
7 Pattan Firoze Asst.Professor CSE Member
8 B. Praveen Asst.Professor Pharmacy Member
9 D. Sarawathi Asst.Professor MBA/MCA Member

Student Members:

S.No Name of the student Roll.No Department Position Held
1.         Tawamani J Vignesh 16BJ1E00N8 MBA Student Member
2.         Gutta Venkata Ganesh 16BJ1E0065 MBA Student Member
3.         A.Sireesha 15BJ1F0002 MCA Student Member
4.         G.Vejyandra Reddy 16BJ1F0005 MCA Student Member
5.         D.Dileep 14BJ1A0334 MECH Student Member
6.         D.Koti 14BJ1A0332 MECH Student Member
7.         Ch.Anand 14BJ1A0115 CIVIL Student Member
8.         I.Venkateswarlu 14BJ1A0441 ECE Student Member
9.         P.Jansi 16BJ1A0590 CSE Student Member
10 K.Swathi 15BJ1A0561 CSE Student Member
11 R.Prince 14BJ1R00D1 Pharmacy Student Member
12 G.kavya 15BJ1R0017 Pharmacy Student Member