General Maintaince Committee

The Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Provision of a range of high quality undergraduate and postgraduate programs which meet the needs of students.
  • Leadership and development of innovation in teaching and learning and curriculum design.
  • Enhancement of the quality of the student experience.
  • Development of the College’s international profile and internationalization activities.
  • Management and development of all of the College’s resources: financial, people, infrastructure, and external relations.
  • Faculty shall ensure that discipline is maintained in the classroom, labs and college premises. In case of serious matters of indiscipline, the same shall be reported to the HOD/Principal/Director.
  • Course file material may be photocopied with the permission of the concerned HOD.
  • Details of the photocopying shall be entered in the register book kept in the documentation Room.

Faculty Members:

S.No Name of the Staff Designation Department Position Held
1 Mr. Ch. Srinivas Kumar Dean, Academics ECE Co-Ordinator
2 Mrs.Sd Farzana Asst.Professor CSE Member
3 B.Lakshmi Asst.Professor ECE Member
4 Mr.B.Ravi Teja Asst.Professor EEE Member
5 Mr.D.A.Rama Charyulu Asst.Professor ME Member
6 Ms.R.Tanmai Asst.Professor CE Member
7 G Naga Sravani Asst.Professor S&H Member
8 Mr.M.Bhagya Raju Asst.Professor MBA Member
9 Mr.M.Ratna Asst.Professor Pharmacy Member

Student Members:

S.No. Name of the Student Roll Number Department Position Held
1 Adi UdayaLakshmi 16BJ1E00Q8 MBA Student Member
2 B.Dinesh 15BJ1F0003 MCA Student Member
3 K.Pavan Kumar 14BJ1A0352 MECH Student Member
4 P.V Naga sai Akil 14BJ1A0168 CIVIL Student Member
5 K.Madhavi 14BJ1A0412 ECE Student Member
6 K.Sai Kumar 15BJ1A0549 CSE Student Member
7 K.Sai Kumar 15BJ1R0046 Phramacy Student Member
8 K Dugra Rao 17BJ5A0209 EEE Student Member