Faculty or Staff Grievance Cell

The Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Administering the Faculty Grievance Policy.
  2. Receiving and reviewing all complaints received by the Provost and determining the following as stated in the Faculty Grievance Procedure:
  3. a) Whether a complaint falls within the definition of a grievance,
  4. b) Whether the complaint is a grievable matter,
  5. c) Whether a grievable dispute exists,
  6. d) Whether a Board of Trustees or University policy cited within the Statement of Grievance is applicable to the issue(s) presented in the grievance,
  7. e) Whether other avenues of resolution are appropriate,
  8. f) Whether the complaint has met the time requirements,
  9. g) Whether sufficient evidence exists to move forward to a formal hearing,
  10. h) Whether the proper respondent(s) has/have been named, and

i). whether any other circumstance exists to warrant a conclusion that the complaint is not subject to the Faculty Grievance Policy.

  1. Serving as members of a Hearing Panel, if selected, in accordance with the procedure for selection stated in the Faculty Grievance Procedure.
  2. The Faculty Grievance Committee shall receive training and advice from the Office of General Counsel.
 S.No Name of the Staff Designation Department Position Held
1 Dr.B.Penchalaiah Director Admin Co-Ordinator
2 Mr.Y.Ragava Campus In-charge Admin Member
3 Mr. Ch. Srinivas Kumar Dean, Academics ECE Member
4 Mrs.Sd.Farzana Asst.Professor CSE Member
5 Mr.G.Sudhakar Asst.Professor ME Member
6 P.Ruhia Khanum Asst.Professor CE Member
7 Dr.S.Govardhana Rao Asst.Professor, HOD S&H Member
8 Y.Sankar Rao Asst.Professor, HOD MBA Member
9 Mr.B.Nagendrababu Asst.Professor Pharmacy Member~