Monday, June 20, 2022


Creation of Committee
Eco-Friendly Campus Committee is established for environmental education, conservation
and protection of biodiversity in the campus. It is the centre for nurturing knowledge,
enlisting the co-operation of volunteers and the inflow plough of new ideas and their
 To create awareness about the grave situation of nature and imbibe means for its
 To arouse general awareness among the students regarding the different environmental
problems which are of major concern to the better future and survival of mankind and
inculcate love and respect among the members for nature and thus work with a global
Selection Procedure
The faculty and students gives their choice for acting as coordinators in the Eco-Friendly
Campus Committee. Based on the choice given by the faculty and students, the Institute‟s
Executive Council will select the coordinators.
Roles and Responsibilities
[The roles and responsibilities listed here are only indicative, but not exhaustive. The IQAC Team
reserves rights to Edit/ Append / Delete any part or all of these roles and responsibilities from time to
time and as required for compliance with the IQAC criteria]
 Facilitate healthy practices and to organise relevant programmes to promote healthy
 Facilitate rain water harvesting, energy conservation, Solar lights, LED lights and other
eco-friendly practices in the campus.
 Promote and maintain green ambience in the campus.
 Enrol members for the nature club and create awareness among students and
staff on the need for protection of nature.
 Invite speakers to deliver talk on environmental protection.
 Sensitize, create awareness, motivate and educate students and staff about
environmental conservation.
 Create awareness on benefits of Tree plantation, by power point presentations on
 Conduct Field Trips and Exhibitions on Environmental protection.
 Conduct slogan competitions, drawing competitions for school children and encourage
the young generations towards eco-friendly habits.
 Organize Adventurous Activities, Snake and Dog Bite Awareness Programmes,
Environmental Education Camps, Animal Welfare Activities, Open Butterfly Garden,
Bird Call and Video Recording.
 Maintain the records and file all the activities conducted and submit the same to the
IQAC Committee.