College Academic Cell

The roles & responsibilities:

  •  Taking charge of academic and teaching evaluation for recruitment and assessing the current staff;
  •  Assessing the teaching, research programs and achievements recommended by each college;
  •  Assessing and recommending proposed teachers and professional titles;
  •  Examining the annual report about the academic work in the college by the Coordinator, and examining the course, teaching staff management.
  •  Taking charge of instructing the course outlines and curriculum, promoting the improvement of school conditions, and examining talent nurturing program, teaching syllabus and teaching planning;
  •  Taking charge of examining academic degrees awarded, academic norms and academic morality in the college;
  •  Completing other academic work authorized by Academic Committee of College and Academic Committee of Departments.
  •  Any other matters as may be referred to the Committee by the coordinator Office, Academic Board, Teaching & Learning Committee, or College Boards.
  •  Summary reports from the Academic Policy and Regulations Unit on paper and Programme changes made by College Boards
  •  Key dates for the academic year to be published annually in the College SRS;
Name of the Member
1 Dr. Rev. K.V.K.Rao Chairman
 2 Smt.K.V.N.V.Bharathi Devi Secretary
 3 Dr. B.Penchalaiah Director&Principal
 4 Mr.Y.Raghava Campus In-charge
5 Dr. P.Venkateswara Rao Principal-Pharmacy
6 Dr. G.S.Krishna Murthy Academic Dean
7 Prof. Ch. Srinivas Kumar Academic Dean
8 Dr. S. Goverdhana Rao HOD-S&H
9 Dr. A. Rupesh Kumar S&H
10 Dr. B. R.Srinivas S&H
11 Dr. I. Suresh S&H
12 Mr. Subhani Shaik HOD-CSE
13 Mr. D.Satyanarayana HOD-ECE
14 Mr. G.Sunil Kumar HOD-EEE
15 Mr. K.Mohan Kumar HOD-Mechanical
16 Mr. P.Rajesh HOD-Civil
17 Mr. A.Paramesh HOD-MBA
18 Mr. Y.Sankar Rao HOD-MCA
19 Mr. B.Nagendra Babu HOD-Pharmacy
20 Mr. Ch.Ravibabu Principal-Diploma