Alumni Coordination Committee

The Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Maintaining an Alumni Database.
  • Make aware about the Alumni Association and its activities to the Alumni and the graduate students.
  • Coordinating with the alumni outside the college and include them in the Alumni association’s activities.
  • Collaboration with other Alumni from Institutions of higher learning and different associations.
  • Establish and maintain alumni association structure – board, chapters, batch representatives that enable in the smooth governance of the association.
  • Enhance the quality of education in the Institute and stay connected with the graduates.
  • To strengthen the bond between the Institute and alumni, and encourage them to participate in the various cultural and social activities.

Faculty Members:

S. No. Faculty Name Designation Department Position Held
1 Mrs.Sd.Farzana Asst.Professor CSE Coordinator
2 Mr.T.Bhavani Sankar Asst. Professor S&H Member
3 Mr.A.Shiva Shankar Asst. Professor CSE Member
4 Mr.SK.Imam Asst. Professor ECE Member
5 N. Sitaramaiah Asst. Professor ME Member
6 Mr.P.Rajesh Asst. Professor HOD CE, HOD Member
7 Mr.B.Ankamma Rao Asst. Professor MCA Member
8 Mr.B.Nagendrababu Asst. Professor Pharmacy Member
9 Mrs Himabindu Asst. Professor T&P Member

Student Members:

S.No. Name of the Student Roll Number Department Position Held
1 U Surya Dev 15BJ1A0221 EEE Student Member
2 P.Sailaja Pharmacy Student Member
3 N.Hari Narayana 14BJ1A0560 CSE Student Member
4 V.Sai Srikanth 15BJ1A0468 ECE Student Member
5 V.Komala Kumar 14BJ1A0199 CIVIL Student Member
6 Sk.Sadik 14BJ1A03B0 MECH Student Member
7 L.Vakula Vahini 15BJ1F0024 MCA Student Member
8 R.Govindu 16BJ1E00I2 MBA Student Member