Creation and Purpose of the Committee

The Institute shall have a duly constituted Admission and Annual Academic Planning
Committee (AAAPC) to formulate long term and short-term development programmes for
the college to achieve academic excellence in tune with the policies of the JNTUK University.
The College Admission and Annual Academic Planning Committee is responsible for
evaluation of the admission process, and continuous academic performances of students. Its
primary goal is to ensure that there exists a quality intake system is in place, and such
students continue to make excellent academic progress during their tenure of graduation.
The Committee works closely with admission counsellors, academic advisers, and students
in assisting students with the needed skills for attaining academic success. Prior to the
commencement of an academic year, the Committee reviews the previous year‟s admission
process and provide suggestions to enhance the quality of intake of admissions and ensures
to implement such procedures for the successive years of admission. At the beginning of
every semester, the Committee shall verify the „Academic Planners‟ prepared by each
department for their compliance with the JNTUK academic calendar and also shall ensure
that the activities proposed by the departments are aligned with the current semester‟s
curricula. At the end of each semester, the Committee reviews all academic records of
students of all departments to evaluate their academic progress and compliance to the
submitted planners.

  • To review the academic and non-academic activities of the college
  • To plan for sustaining the quality of education, quality improvement and accreditation of the college
  • To review the students and faculty development programmes to achieve academic excellence
  • To visualize and formulate perspective plans for the development and growth of the academics in the institution.
  • To promote research and extension activities in the college.
  • To promote teaching innovations and student placement programmes.

Selection Procedure:
The Chairperson for this Committee will be appointed by the Executive Council of the
Institute and all other members will be nominated by the Chairperson of this Committee.
Roles and Responsibilities
[The roles and responsibilities listed here are only indicative, but not exhaustive. The IQAC Team
reserves rights to Edit/ Append / Delete any part or all of these roles and responsibilities from time to
time and as required for compliance with the IQAC criteria]

  • Accumulate Academic Planners, schedules, and proposals from the Departments, Draft Annual plan of activities for the Semester / Year and incorporate the same in the Prospectus.

Assist the students and interact with the parents during admissions.
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  •  Plan to provide College Identity Cards to students prior to the commencement of

every academic year.

  •  Identification of adjunct, bridge, and certification courses and scheduling sessions to

fill gaps between Industry‟s expectations and Academia.

  •  Coordinating with various other Committees for conduct of „knowledge‟ sessions.
  •  Examine teaching plans, students-learning (syllabus) management and completion of

other academic works.

  •  Encourage innovative practices in teaching-learning processes.
  •  Verification of workloads of Teaching and Non-teaching faculty of all departments

and Identification/Replacement of faculty as per the requirement.

  •  Monitoring theoretical, lab, and library activities.
  •  Supervision for quality of delivery in day to day teaching-learning activities.
  •  Visualize and formulate perspective plans for the development and growth of the


  •  Formulate master plan for campus development, facilitating implementation of

provision of the perspective plan.

  •  Plan for resource mobilization through industry interaction, consultancy and extra

mural funding.

  •  Promote research and extension culture in the Institute.
  •  Promote innovative teaching practices and review placement activities.
  •  Plan for sustaining the quality of education, quality improvement and accreditation

of the college.

  •  Recommend schemes to promote participation of academic departments in

community development activities in the locality / region and for furtherance of
academic excellence.

  •  Supervise the processes adopted by departments during the internal examinations/

evaluation / recording student performances.

  •  Ensure that attendance is recorded by the Lecturers in the prescribed Attendance

registers and that the same are submitted to HOD twice in a month for verification
and authentication.

Ensure periodic display of student attendances on the Notice Boards of respective


  •  Ensure that the mentors are keeping track of regular absentees and counselling them,if required, along with their parents and forward the genuine cases for condonation of attendance.

Maintain records of their audits along with minutes of meetings and submit the same
to the IQAC Committee.

  • File and maintain the records of the Admissions and Annual action plans and submit all such records to the IQAC Committee.