Academic Advisory Body cell

The Roles and Responsibilities:

  • >The Academic Advisory Committee is responsible for evaluation of the academic performance of students.
  • >The Academic Advising Committee plans, monitors, and evaluates all functions related to academic advising to include the advising of students, registration processes, QUEST, graduation check-out, degree-audit, and academic policies affecting student progress and retention.
  • >The committee makes recommendations to improve academic advising as well as policies and practices affecting students’ success and progress toward graduation.
  • >The committee ensures that all undergraduate students receive adequate and equitable advising that is appropriately evaluated.
  • >The committee works closely with students, academic advisers and Academic Support Services in assisting students with the needed skills for academic success.
  • >The Academic Advisory Committee consists of representatives from the teaching faculty, Student Development, the Director of the Academic Enrichment Center and the Registrar. At the end of each semester, the committee reviews academic records of students to evaluate academic progress.
  • >The Academic Advisory Committee places students who do not achieve normal progress toward their degree on Academic Caution, Probation, Final Probation or Suspension from the College, according to criteria described.
Name of the Member
1 Dr. Rev. K.V.K.Rao Chairman
 2 Smt.K.V.N.V.Bharathi Devi Secretary
 3 Dr. B.Penchalaiah Director&Principal
 4 Mr.Y.Raghava Campus In-charge
5 Mr. B. Delip Kumar CEO, Vensoft
6 Mr. Adapa Raja Suresh Kumar CEO, GE Capital
7 Mr. Ganta Srinivas Former MP& Present MLA, Managing Director Pratyusha Industries
8 Mr.B.Sada Siva Reddy Managing Director, SS Foundry
9 Mr.Ch.Srinivas Rao Managing Director, Sakucha Tols Ltd.
10 Mr.Ch.Sudhakar Babu Managing Director, KVK Industries
11 Mr.Ratnakar Reddy Managing Director, Sree Harsha Industries
12 Mr.Sriharsha K.Shashank Managing Director, Sree Harsha Technologies